Advantage of the home field – the story about Ajax and the sales

Dalibor Šumiga Behavioral marketing/Neuromarketing, Marketing

To build a business means to negotiate. If you’ve dedicated a certain amount of time (or your whole life) to that hobbie, you must have read or attended a seminar where you learned small negotiating tricks – where to sit, what to communicate, the importance of small talk, different traditions on different markets, etc… In this article I’ll speak about the advantages of the home field…

A friend of mine worked in a big consulting company. One of the most expensive things in their office was a table in a room where the customers were waiting for the meeting.

When you sit in that room, at that table, and you realise it’s a very expensive piece of furniture, you immediately accept the fact that the service will be very expensive.” my friend says.


In negotiations, the advantage of the home field is significant because you have a meeting in the surroundings that you know well, you can arrive earlier, you can prepare better, and you can also impress (or scare) the person you’re negotiating with, if you want.

Recently in Amsterdam, on the field of football team Ajax, I saw a fantastic example of how  psychology is used in real life.

Look how the dressing room of the guest team looks like in the video below:

You may have noticed that the benches are uncomfortable, the hangers are set very high, and they even made a special hanger for Messi. Hence the psychological game begins even before the teams get on the field. Distraction of the main team player is familiar to other teams also; you probably saw an example of the game where Luka Modrić, who is not very tall, got escorted to the field by a boy which was almost his height.

The same thing happened to italian player Lorenzo Insigne.

Another interesting detail from the guest dressing room on the Ajax field – it has only 10 showers, which means that at least one player of the guest team has to wait for his turn to shower. :-)

For the comparison, here is the dressing room of Ajax team:

Also, when teams go out on the field, in the tunnel passing to the lawn, two big achievements of the team are highlighted in order to remind the guest team what kind of opponent they are facing.

Another interesting detail related to the logo design – look at the picture of Ajax on the team’s logo and try to count from how many unconnected lines the Ajax picture is created.

Did you make it?

The correct number is 11 – the number of players in the team.

The next time you plan a very important meeting, don’t plan just the time in your calendar; use all of the advantages of your home field.