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Copy/paste marketing

Dalibor Šumiga Behavioral marketing/Neuromarketing, Marketing

Take a look at the following series:


Now choose one of the following letters:

X or O

I will insert your choice in the above series – at random location

If you have chosen X, it looks like this: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

If you have chosen. O, it looks like this: XXXXXXXXOXXXXXXXXXX

Rhetorical question:  In which series is more likely that someone will notice your choice?


In marketing, brands often choose X. Why? Because they look at what competitors do.

Work on the web shop? You are looking at the competitors’ web shops.

Working on content marketing? You are viewing posts on the competitors’ websites.

Choosing where to advertise? You advertise where the competitors are.

Even digital agencies, which take care of other brands, do the same thing. Have you noticed how many e-books there are currently online? Almost every agency offers you to download an e-book on digital marketing.

At the moment, there are at least a hundred e-books that you can download from the internet. What is the chance that Agency A is offering something revolutionary in its e-book – that hundreds of other agencies are not offering?

The second question is – who is the target of these agencies? People who want to learn how to run digital campaigns on their own – or marketing managers looking for an agency that will do the job for them?

Digital marketing, behavioral marketing, neuromarketing, psychology, ebook, campaigns


If you have an active campaign on Google (search marketing), most likely you’re advertising on a keyword that is your brand name and on several generic terms from your industry.

If you do a good job in terms of branding, your brand name has a high CTR and a high conversion rate.

One of the best proofs that you do good branding, in your category, is if customers start searching for your brand name instead of a generic term for your industry (e.g. Digital Agency). Be aware that the same thing can happen to your competitors. Feel free to check, there are categories in which generic terms completely fall into the background – and users primarily search for brand names.

So what do you want your brand to be – X or O?

If you choose to be an X, don’t be surprised if you get into a “price and discount war” with your competitors. In that case, to a potential buyer, all brands are the same and there is no better reason to be loyal to anyone….