Family Thinking Forum, Warsaw

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This year’s Family Thinking Forum took place October 11th on the attractive location – Fort Sokolnieckiego, Warsaw. This event is being organized every year in order to gather international brands and experts from different companies focused on branding in family marketing.

Within the programme, speakers are discussing about the newest theories on communication strategies and approaches to this target group in the age of digitalization, globalization and fast changes in lifestyles, education methods and functioning of families which brands have to follow.


As one of the top rated speakers from the last year’s Forum, Dalibor Šumiga from Promosapiens also held a lecture this year and dedicated it to the subject of priming as a powerful marketing technique. He presented and explained his theories using three exclusive behavioral experiment which have been conducted through the work of Promosapiens. Also, Dalibor commented the importance of development of behavioral economy, referring to Richard Thaler obtaining the Nobel prize in that field just a couple of days before the Forum.

Reactions both during and after the lecture were great again this year, which is confirmed by the fact that Dalibor has already been invited to participate in next year’s Forum. See you in Warsaw!


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