HR Conference “Generation Management” , Zagreb

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HR Conference “Generation Management” organized by weekly business magazine Lider and U4HR Association was held 13th December this year in Zagreb. The Conference gathered HR experts and managers from different fields to discuss the subject of managing human resources in the context of generation differences, i.e. the convergence of 4 different generations in a business environment – Baby boom generation (born between 1946 – 1964) and generations X (mid 1960s – early 1980s), Y (1981 – late 1990s) and Z (born after 1995).

Dalibor Šumiga from Promosapiens was one of the lecturers within the programme held in Hall Opera in Westin Zagreb, filled to capacity for this occasion. In a lecture called “Who is Guiding us, Brain or Heart?”, Dalibor explained the phenomena related to generation differences from behavioral point of view.

By stressing the drastic difference in the quantity of information that one human being was exposed to in 16th century and today, he also compared these facts with the contemporary generational gap emerging from extremely fast development of modern technology. As a response to the shortfall of digital competences and the growing need for their faster development, Dalibor presented Google Growth engine to the Conference participants, helping to develop digital skills through Digital Garage programme.

Along with the subject of Internet influence on our decisions and the way we function (e.g. “What is your Internet browser saying about your creativity?”), he also talked about the problems directly related to human resources, such as cognitive biases influencing the behaviour of employers, the role of CV and interviews, as well as the currently needed and missing skills in the contemporary working market. Behavioral research shown at the lecture provoked a large interest of the participants and some of the HR experts have already decided to enlist our lectures about behaviorism, consumer psychology and neuromarketing in their educational programme for employees.

Through these lectures and discussions we have come to conclusion that the generational gap is present, but not insurmountable. One of the ways to diminish it is to encourage the young people as much as possible for direct, one to one communication, and to reassure the senior employees not to refuse technology development, but to accept its help in everyday life, as well as in the fast-paced changes in contemporary business world.

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