Leap Summit 2019.

Dalibor Šumiga News

In front of almost a 1000 visitors from more than 40 countries, Dalibor Šumiga, founder of Promosapiens, held a lecture titled “Shoppers are people first”.

In the 30 minute presentation, the audience themselves had the chance to be a part of a few experiments in which we demonstrated the importance of understanding human behavior not just for marketing and business in general but for life as well.

Along with practical examples of the neuromarketing and behavioral research conducted by Promosapiens, Dalibor covered 3 main topics:

1) Is asking people what they want enough?

2) What is a branding code and how do shoppers perceive your brand on the shelf?

3) How to most efficiently measure the quality of your TV ads?

Apart from bringing about a great interest among the audience, reactions to the lecture in our inbox have not stopped even a few days after the end of the conference.


If you are also preparing a conference and would like for your audience to learn more about the application of neuromarketing and consumer psychology insights in business, contact us at info@promosapiens.hr

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