MEKST 2018, Novi Sad

Promosapiens News

This year’s 5th MEKST Conference took place 24th November in “Master” Congress Center in Novi Sad, Serbia. Organized by Fortuns and International Association of Students of Tourism and Hotel Management, the Conference brought together known regional experts in tourism, hotel industry and marketing, as well as students from around 15 countries of the world.

After a presentation about consumer psychology in travel industry in last year’s conference, the audience said that they would like Dalibor Šumiga to perform again this year. And that’s how it was – Dalibor performed in front of 700 people with a presentation “How to know what guests really think about your hotel?”.

Presentation included real case studies conducted by Promosapiens using neuromarketing and behavioral marketing tools and methods. Dalibor demonstrated how in certain situations Google Analytics can’t provide the insights which are successfully provided with neuromarketing tools. He also showed the flaws of online tourist reviews and polls and how to discover the real, non-conscious customer impressions. He explained the notion of priming as a subtle persuasion method and how it can be used in marketing campaigns. Presentation also included a fun part where visitors could learn more about the non-conscious reactions measurement on the example of implicit testing of Croatian and Serbian students about the bad influence of video games and drinking.

Presentation went great for both sides and the reactions was more than positive. The overall event was an unforgettable experience thanks to Nemanja Dimić and his organisational team. For those who didn’t have a chance to take part and to support this year’s event – we sincerely recommend you to participate in the future MEKST Conferences!

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