MEKST Conference, Novi Sad

Promosapiens News

This year’s MEKST Conference organized by NGO Fortuns took place in Novi Sad, November 24th – 26th. The Conference is gathering students of tourism and hotel industry from around 15 European countries. This year, as well as the last one, more than 800 participants took part and the tickets were sold out two weeks before the Conference. Regarding the number of participants, this Conference could be compared with some of the most relevant conferences in the region, which should be acknowledged as a great success of the organization.

There has been an educational program, as well as the entertainment part, but daily schedule mostly consisted of lectures. The second day of the Conference, in a crowded auditorium, Dalibor Šumiga from Promosapiens held a lecture about the use of consumer psychology in tourism. Using his interactive approach he illustrated the importance of understanding certain functions of human brain for business, as well as the impact of digital revolution on human behaviour. A high level of interaction, dynamic communication, laughter and strong ovations proved a great interest and exceptionally positive reactions of the participants.

With an aim to improve digital competences of the participants, Google Growth Engine and Digital Garage program were presented during the event.

Promosapiens is highly supportive towards this kind of conferences, and we acknowledge the efforts and engagement of Nemanja Dimić and the rest of Fortuns team. Using their own initiative, support of the city and the help of sponsors, this NGO succeeded to organize the Conference in an excellent manner and to ensure hospitality and great atmosphere during the whole event. We would like to recommend everyone to participate and also to call for potential sponsors to support the future conferences. It was a pleasure to participate and we are looking forward to the 5th edition of the MEKST Conference next year!


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