Neuromarketing World Forum 2019, Rome

Dalibor Šumiga News

The Neuromarketing World Forum (NMWF), the largest global conference on neuromarketing, was held from March 13 th to 15 th in Rome, where Dalibor Šumiga, the founder and director of Promosapiens, once again appeared as a guest.

Organized by the World Neuromarketing and Business Association (NMSBA), the theme of this years’ conference was the practical application of neuromarketing to in business. Promosapiens has, from its beginning been an advocate for a scientifically valid and business oriented application of neuromarketing in a way that clients can see its tangible benefits, our research at the same time respecting the highest scientific standards.

The conference gathered the most prominent professionals and scientists in the field of neuromarketing from over 50 countries, and the host of the Expo program of the conference was our Dalibor Šumiga.

Another NMWF brought us the exchange of experiences with both old and new friends from the world of neuromarketing, and for everyone who wondered how the term „neuromarketing“ came to be, pictured with our colleague Dalibor is its founder, professor Ale Smidts.

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