Reshape Brands, Sarajevo 2018.

Dalibor Šumiga News

The 8th Edition of Branding Conference organized by Via Media Agency took  place in Sarajevo June 1st 2018 under the slogan “Reshape Brands”. This event connects global and regional specialists in branding, marketing communications and media every year, and this year’s edition was specially dedicated to discovery of innovative solutions for strengthening brands and continuous adaptation to everyday challenges of marketing industry.

As the last year, Dalibor Šumiga, director and founder of Promosapiens, was one of the Conference speakers. Within the “Reshape Strategy” subject, Dalibor held a lecture on neuromarketing demonstrating why is it important to test creative strategies. The first live demonstration of neuromarketing research in the region took place as a part of this lecture.



In the context of fast and unceasing changes of consumer habits, Dalibor explained the magic formula for creating successful marketing content. Nowadays it’s getting harder and harder to keep the customers’ attention and to create an emotional connection with the brand, which can only be tested with neuromarketing and implicit research. Using practical examples, it is shown how neuromarketing research can bring very simple and useful outputs clearly presenting users’ perception of different marketing content, very effective for reshaping future strategies.

Dalibor presented neuromarketing tools used for testing brands, products, retail store shelves, web design, commercials and other kinds of marketing content. He also mentioned possible mistakes that happen when these tools are being used in the wrong context or when their data is not being interpreted properly, as well as why is it important to combine different metrics. The last modul of software for measuring subconscious reactions to marketing content, developed by Promosapiens, was also presented.


With this lecture, Dalibor has shown how science and marketing can go hand in hand and how marketing doesn’t have to be afraid of the science and vice versa – moreover, it is marketing that can give the best ways to promote and communicate science to the world. The most important thing that science and marketing have in common is creativity, and that is also, as Dalibor said “a place for the curious and the rebellious, the ones that always want to push the limits.”

Last year’s Conference performance and the audience’s enthusiasm brought high expectations and attracted a large number of visitors to this lecture. Considering their exceptional level of attention for more than one hour and their excellent reactions during and after the lecture, we can happily say that the visitors’ expectations were met this year as well.