Facebook & Instagram advertising

At first glance, Facebook/Instagram advertising is very simple, technically speaking. However, you must bear in mind that if it is straightforward for you, it is also straightforward to your competition. How then can you be different if you have the exact same conditions as your opposition?

Did you know?

If you had, let’s say, 300 friends and liked about 50 pages, you would have to read about 1500 new Facebook statuses a day. That’s why Facebook created an algorithm that shows you up to 300 friend and brand statuses you communicate most with. Approximately 5% of content shown are ads.

In campaign optimisation Promosapiens uses:

  • Advanced tools for the perfect colour choice
  • Neuromarketing research results on the position of logos, photographs, and use of certain words and phrases
  • The largest list of cognitive biases (“shortcuts” our brain uses)
  • An advanced application for measuring subconscious reactions to marketing messages

See our article to find out exactly how the Facebook algorithm works.

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