You’re the only one glad to see that ad

Dalibor Šumiga Behavioral marketing/Neuromarketing, Marketing

Without the data, you’re just a person with an opinion…

A statistical error…

If you have ever shown anyone any ad or a post on social media and asked that person to assess whether it is good or bad, it is very likely that the answer will be:

“I do/don’t like it.”

“I would do the same/ I would do it differently.”

You will get the same answer whether you ask a consumer or a professional. When it comes to laypeople, this is not a problem, but with a professional, it very much is…


Very often some of my entrepreneur friends ask me to give my opinion on their logo, slogan, website, etc. Every time I ask the same question: “Why do you want to know my opinion?” “Perhaps I’m not even your target group, but even if I am, I am only one out of half-million people you’re trying to reach, therefore, I am definitely a statistical error.”

The answer to my question is usually: “But you’re an expert.” In what field exactly? In guessing, predicting, fortune-telling? Without the data, I am just a person with an opinion…

And this is the reason why we are too subjective in our assessment. The vast majority of the campaigns have no or minimal impact on the people we are addressing. Because most of the commercials out there were made in such a way that the person who approves it would like it, and not for the end consumer to like it.


There are two basic mistakes that the vast majority of people in the industry make when preparing a marketing campaign:

01) The campaign gets the green light if we like it

02) We analyze the campaign too much

If we like the campaign, it doesn’t mean that the audience will like it too, and there are a couple hundred thousand (and more) of them, while there are only a few of us in the creative department. You don’t have to be a top-notch analyst to figure out that a few people are statistically insignificant, and therefore a statistical error.

Your potential buyers don’t study your advertisement in detail. They don’t watch it over and over again, pause it, analyze it and bring rational conclusions about it. Their impression of the advertisement and the brand happens in seconds, sometimes even milliseconds.

The research has shown that a large number of campaigns (in this research 74%) are withdrawn from the market for no valid reason, and one of them is because the creative idea became boring to the marketing department.

If you want your campaign to be tailored to the perception of your customers, try looking at it with their eyes.

Otherwise, you made an ad that only you like.